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Season Acknowledgments

By Coach Jami "JJ" James, 03/23/18, 12:30PM MDT


Now, that the season has wrapped up we’d like to thank all of the families and players that have chosen to make NA Prep part of their development plan. NA Prep would like to send out some acknowledgments to some of our players this past season. All of our players have achieved such great growth in the past season and we’d like to let you know that we are proud of you all.

Team League Season Accolades



Wyatt Lucas - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Gabe Shepard - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Cal Kellenberg - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Jack Berry - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Colter Elam - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Kaden Blowers - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Arden Crowser - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Mason Blair - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Aidan Voller - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

Logan Bloom - (MT) Squirt A State Champion

EJ Sanchez - (MT) Squirt A Runner Up

Blake Mannix - (MT) Squirt A Runner Up

Jacob Sakaguchi - (MT) Squirt A Runner Up

Lowek Vonada - (MT) Squirt A Runner Up

William Marrinan - (MT) Squirt A Runner Up

Niklas Winters - (MT) Squirt A Runner Up

Ryan McCreary - (MT) Squirt A 3rd place in States

Cade Mikkelson - (MT) Squirt A 3rd place in States

Spencer Sitton - (MT) Squirt A 4th place in States

Colt Hassler - (MT) Squirt B Runner Up



Blake Blandon - (MT) Pee Wee A State Champion/ELK Runner UP

Adam Healy - (MT) Pee Wee A State Champion/ELK Runner UP

Finley McCarthy - (MT) Pee Wee A State Champion/ELK Runner UP

Jack Muhlfeld - (MT) Pee Wee A State Champion/ELK Runner UP

Landen Hindman - (MT) Pee Wee A State Champion/ELK Runner UP

Ford Thompson - (MT) Pee Wee A State Champion/ELK Runner UP

Alexander Steckelberg - (MT) Pee Wee A 3rd place in States

Luke Craig - (MT) Pee Wee B 3rd place in States/ELK 3rd place

Sam Trufant - (MT) Pee Wee B 3rd place in States/Elk 3rd place



Darby McCarthy - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions

Zane McCallum - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions

Seth Roskos - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions

Benjamin Rainford - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions

James Thompson - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions

Trent Schafer - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions

Finn Davidson - (MT) Bantam A State Champion/ELK Champions


High School

Quinn Nichols - (MT) High School B State Champion


Player League Season Accolades



Gabriel Shepard - (MT) 1st in the league with 39(G) 30(A) 69(PTS)

Cal Kellenberg - (MT) 2nd in the league with 32(G) 11(A) 43(PTS)

Wyatt Lucas - (MT) 3rd in the league with 23(G) 15(A) 38(PTS)

Aiden Voller - (MT) 4th in the league with 20(G) 17(A) 37(PTS)



Sam Trufant - (MT) 1st in the league with 54(G) 14(A) 68(PTS)

Jace Troyer - (MT) 5th in the league with 24(G) 8(A) 32(PTS)



Darby McCarthy - (MT) 5th in the league with 21(G) 18(A) 39(PTS)




Katherine Craig (MT) - Katie has spent the last year and a half, with NA Prep, dedicating herself to her training and development. One day, in early 2017 the light went on for her and she made a decision to take herself to a level that would give her opportunity. With a supportive parenting team and training atmosphere, Katie has been able to turn a dream into a reality.  Katie has just been offered and has committed to attending Rice Memorial High School in Vermont, next fall.

Katie is living proof that if you give it your all you can achieve your goals. We are ALL very proud of you and look forward to watching you continue to grow and evolve!

Katie will be continuing her development this summer in Whitefish and continues beating the odds!


Jazmyne Beck (MT) - Jazmyne came to us last summer for some additional training while she was back home. She has a strong work ethic and has just committed to Franklin Pierce University next fall.

Again, a testament that hard work and guidance can give you a leg up and help you achieve. Jazz will be training all summer in Whitefish, so she can enter her freshman year on fire!

Kobe Pane (CA) - Kobe has been training with us for over 7 years, attending summer camps, development weekends, private instruction and participating on our development teams. He was able to “play-up” this season with the 16U AAA Ducks, in California, as a 15-year-old. One of the youngest on the team Kobe was able to make an immediate impact with his team and ended up in the top 4 in scoring among the defenseman.

Kobe is now headed to the national development camp this spring and continues to get offers from Division 1 colleges. We have always known that Kobe was special even at a young age.

Keep up the work and we hope to see you this summer in Whitefish.


Elias Fleischman (VT) - Elias has had a great season at Northwood Prep and was called up to play in their JR program playing against the top hockey players in the country. Elias came to us about 5 years ago and continues to outwork and achieve.

We miss you and wish you the best, hope to get you out here this summer too :)


Congratulations to all of our players for their developmental success! Hope to see you all at our next development weekend in April.