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NA Prep Ladies

Hockey camp at North American Prep

Hockey camp at North American Prep is Montana's only full-time program dedicated year-round to hockey player development, our program offers technical and tactical instruction from elite coaches in a world-class training program. The program combines full ice and small area training for the ultimate comprehensive player skill development and focuses on specific areas of improvement for individual offense and defense, team strategy and special situations.

Normally, eight weeks in summer are dedicated to our biggest and most frequented camps of the year, but for our first summer camp season, we will be operating four weeks of summer camp. In our second summer season, we will be working with players from all over the country. You will be high altitude training and coached by the best to be the best. Both players and parents alike get to spend an amazing summer that neither of them will ever forget training in Montana's best-kept secret, Whitefish.

Although our training is hard they never lack the element of fun. Sport is not supposed to be only about teeth grinding drills but it is important that kids enjoy what they are doing. If one finds fun in what one does then there is no need for artificially created pressure, but players will automatically give their best in order to achieve their dreams and goals. Therefore, we make sure that all training is as diverse and multifaceted as possible so that there is never a dull moment in any of the practices.

Competition inspires hard work and tempo, so at NAP our training session focuses on creating the most competitive training environment possible. Through our on-ice High-Elite skills training and Small Area Games, we will ensure there is never a dull moment in training. It is time for players to realize that off-ice training is the key to optimal on-ice performance, so at NAP we strive to hit that home with the most intense off-ice training program in our region.

NA Prep Future Lady Development Camp

North American Preparatory Future Lady Stars Development camp is where the foundational skills of a hockey player are strengthened and further developed, making it a crucial time in a young player’s development. We have created a program that allows these young players to get professional training during the summer season.

NAP Training Overview

Our Future Lady Stars Development program focuses on skill development with a competitive edge and small area games.  

  • Skill Development: Edges, Skating mechanics, Transitional skating, Backwards, Crossovers
  • Overspeed and Quick feet skating drills
  • Body Checking Development
  • Game situations and concepts- learn how to utilize skating and puck skills in a game setting.
  • Small area games
  • Battle Drills
  • Conditioning
  • Strong hands and feet emphasis
  • Off-ice activities such as strength training, speed and quickness training,  team building, hiking, roller hockey, shooting range, puck handling range, classroom, videos and videotape analysis.

Campers will train for 2 (1.5) hour sessions daily. Campers will take part in our daily off-ice program. Working on advanced hockey fundamentals and skills, as well as (shooting, puck handling, and skating form). 

Typical Day at our day Camps

8:00-10:00 - Ice
10:20-Noon Off Ice: Strength/Speed Training
Noon-12:30 - Lunch
1:00-3:00 - Ice
3:20-5:30 - Off Ice: Stickhandling/Shooting


Lady Future Stars Camp: August 13th - 17th

Off-Ice Training

Puck Handling Skills

Top on-ice instruction

Great Team Atmosphere

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Montana Made is an organization founded on the sole principle to strengthen the growth and development of Montana hockey and it’s players. The benefit of supporting the growth of hockey and/or sponsoring hockey players in need will strengthen the hockey community in the state of Montana and have a positive impact on the chosen nominees, their families and the development and growth of hockey in Montana.

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10 percent of funds from purchases of mästare products go to helping youth hockey players and the development of hockey programs in the state of Montana. The company was spawned out of the hearts and dedication to the game of hockey by its founders. They have partnered with Montana Made and North American Preparatory Hockey Academy, organizations that are dedicated to the financial support, improvements and growth of the game of hockey and it’s players in the Montana region.